The Winter Reading List

I have finally got all my ducks in order and come up with my ultimate winter reading list. At this time of year there truly is nothing better than falling deeply into a really good book, so here is a list of many for you to do so…

Down the Drain, Julia Fox

I love Julia Fox! I think she is brilliant and such an icon, so it was only natural that I read her autobiography and I thoroughly enjoyed her honesty and wild stories!

The Secret History, Donna Tartt

I cannot recommend this book enough! It is gripping from start to finish. If you’re into ‘dark academia’ with lots of twists and turns you will love this book! I love Tartt’s ability to write about human nature so plainly to the point of complete exposure.

A Visible Man, Edward Enninful

Another autobiography on the list, this one by Edward Enninful the current Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue. I am a huge fan of his and it was just so inspiring to read about his life, struggles and ultimate success in life.

Cleopatra and Frankenstein, Coco Mellors

There has been a lot of buzz around this book, and rightly so in my opinion. I think the plot is simple enough for the characters to do all the talking and that is what I loved about this book. Not only that, but I adore the way Mellors writes; her agency over language is beautiful and I just love her ability to make the mundane seem extraordinary.

Wandering Souls, Cecile Pin

This book moved me completely. It is a beautiful story of immigration and assimilation. It was not only a gripping read but intertwined with history which made the story powerful and very insightful. I also really enjoyed the sibling dynamic that Pin perfectly imagines and so is able to really pump emotion into the narrative

The Shining, Stephen King

This might seem completely off-piste but I love a thriller in the winter and there is none better than King in my opinion. I love this book and come back to it every time I want to feel chilled to the core.

Ripe, Sarah Rose Etter

I loved how this book mapped mental health and the consequences of an inhospitable workplace, because believe me I’ve had my fair share. Etter captures the depressing nature of the corporate world so fantastically that it has truly cemented my hatred for it!

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